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Leverage our experience to build a successful offshore team that lets you
concentrate on high-value, income generating activities.

The Philippines and Australia

First Hand Experience

We know how to maximise the benefits of small business offshoring in the Philippines. Why? Because we have done it ourselves. My Dream VA is born out of our own decade long journey building a successful small business with the highly skilled talent available in the Philippines.

Why My Dream VA?

Highly Vetted Talent

Our candidates are subject to a stringent pre-qualification process meaning we only endorse the best candidates that fit your needs.

Our Employees but Your Team

We employ your team and handle all HR, payroll and legal compliance. We provide a flexible workplace for your team to work from and be engaged with.

Australian SME

We are a small business ourselves. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities offshoring presents to local SMEs.

We Care

We genuinely care about our people. Offshoring is about opportunity, not exploitation. We are proud of our culture, our team and the opportunities we provide them.

A quotation mark
  • I have reduced the administration time within the business by 50 to 60% meaning I can get on with engaging my customers and not pushing paper, and reduced admin means reduced cost.
    - Craig Hess, Director of CEOffice Concept
  • We have redundancy across our Australian workforce. Our team now have the ability to take some time off whilst still being supported to achieve what is required of them in their daily roles
    - Mark Skehan, Director of The Big Picture

    Dreamy teams are our calling card

    Our reputation and ethical approach to building remote teams ensures that when you trust us to build your offshore team, you will be glad you did.